Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Surgery tomorrow morning

My hubby is having surgery tomorrow morning to remove fluid from around his left lung.

This past week has been horrid, with his energy levels getting lower and lower. He's been so frustrated by this, as he's not even been able to go to work for any time. His directors are amazing, as they've told him not to worry ... but still he does.

Our doctor is doing the surgery and has been honest with us about what may happen. Best case senario is that the fluid will remove easily, there won't be any 'hole' left in the lung, or infection, and the fluid will not return for a long time. Next best ... same as above, but the fluid will return in a few months/weeks. Next ... same as above, but the fluid will return in days. After that it just gets progressively less desirable ... which includes lung problems from the needle used to drain the fluid, and the risks of infection.

We're aiming for the best, which includes my hubby being able to stay on his feet for an hour or more and being able to breathe with ease. Plus an improvement in appetite would be welcomed.
All positive healing energy is welcome ... thanks!


nabukay said...

Sending you thoughts, prayers, positive healing energy and hugs all the way from Namibia!!

Rae said...

Oh, Sunny! I am praying for you both as well as for the doctor performing the operation.

Remember that you are children of God and you all rest in His hands.


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