Saturday, 5 August 2006

Week 52 - 12 Months - 1 year

It's one year!

Totally can't believe it, coz I really don't feel like I've had these things on my teeth for 12 months ... but my diary tells the tale ... the tale of how I waited over two decades for fear of ... well I really don't know ... but something I now know was totally unfounded!

How long have I got left? I've no idea ... I never felt the need to ask how long my treatment would be, and I suspect I won't be asking until I feel it's getting near time. I know it'll be over when my treatment is finished ... until then ... well I'll keep taking photos and posting them on here! I was told I could take two years to pay my account off ... but whether than really means much, I've no idea!

Here's a collage of my journey so far!

Photos Adjustment 7

Here's one that shows the new brackets on my molars. After all I've read about banding molars, I'm so pleased my ortho doesn't see the need for bands and uses buccal brackets instead! This photo also shows my open bite and cross bite.
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Another pic of my right side! I took this one to see how my teeth are connecting, coz it feels like they aren't, and that photo does confirm what I suspected ... all in the name of progress ... right!
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Left side! Damn having to get more brackets! The gap between my lateral and canine has opened again ... guess this is why it's so necessary to wear retainers to keep teeth in place, as this opened within a couple of days of the powerchain being removed! Note to self ... wear your retainers if you don't want to travel this path again!
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Front view of my bite! I just took another angle to check which (if any teeth) were touching! I'm sure this will be a good one to refer to when Con returns to fixing my bite!
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Week 47 - 11 Months - Adjustment 7

I have been slack and not kept this journal up-to-date ... I apologise for having a life ... and a wonderful one at that!

Here's the info for my seventh adjustment!

Dr C is still concerned with my bite, and after putting three more brackets on my lowers ... now every tooth is bracketed, he said I was going back a wire strength ... stronger than the one before my current one, but not as strong as my current one! Hope that all makes sense. He said this is necessary to get my lower back teeth to align ... damn ... that stinks of being back in phase one.

Anyway ... it didn't take long for the new brackets to be attached, and nice new purple ligs on all my lowers. My uppers were ignored ... Dr C said he can't continue work on my bite until the lowers get sorted ... so here's hoping that will happen over the next six weeks!

I asked a few questions, and Dr C gave me the container my brackets come out of ... they are ... Nu-Edge Cobalt Chromium Brackets ... produced by TP Orthodontics Inc. I'm guessing it's not hard to guess what I've been googling tonight ... and very interesting it is to!

Also on the container it states ... Single Use Only ... but I have no idea why ... interesting ...


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