Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wilson is growing so fast!

Today Wilson is 12 weeks old ... incredible! Here's some more photos.

Wilson aged 8 weeks
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Wilson aged 9 weeks
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Wilson aged 10 weeks
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Wilson aged 11 weeks
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Katherine said...

Oh my, he is the cutest thing going! Normally I'm more of a big dog person, but I love the soulful expression in his eyes....just wanna cuddle :)

Jen said...

He is such a little poser.

nabukay said...

cute! lol. He must be such a joy! I want one too!

laura said...

He's the cutest little thing ever! (right after my cat, but it's close)

I love how he fits into cups and things. He could go in the "My Mutt On Stuff" section of Stuff On My Mutt!

Denis said...

Love it, so cute =)


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