Saturday, 20 May 2006

Photos - Adjustment 6

Compare the difference in size of the gaps ... wow where have they gone ... guess what ... I don't care ... but they've definitely changed heaps!

Love this blue powerchain ...
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The wayward one has the blue lig in a figure eight ... pulling it to the archwire!
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Week 41 - Adjustment 6

Had my 6th adjustment today ... and all is well ...

Dr C has coloured powerchains ... so that was good news! I now have a bright blue powerchain (7 loop), upper left to right front central. It's been moved across one. He said he's doing this to bring my midline close to where it should be, as it was such a long way off.

My lowers ... not so good ... my 'wayward' one got told off ... it's not done what it should, and as a result the only thing to change down there, is a new lig put on it, in a figure eight to try and give it the message to get in to line!

Dr C's still concerned about my bite ... particularly on my right side. He said he'll be putting more brackets on there next time, as he wants to get more work done in that area!

I asked him how things are going He gave me his gorgeous grin and said 'great' ... I looked at him and asked if he was sure ... and he said there's more challenges ahead, but in his job that's what makes life exciting, and that I was not to be concerned about them, coz that was his job! Ok ... I'm really cool about that!

Next adjustment in six weeks. He likes to see his patients every six weeks when they have powerchains on, as he feels powerchains have performed there best within that time!

... so guess that means the lower 'wayward' one has held up progress again ... as the powerchain will have been on their 12 weeks by next appointment! Damn it ... but hey ... who said this was going to be a straight forward journey ...

Need to add ... that there's been quite a lot of changes since my last adjustment!

The powerchains have really moved my upper teeth ... I now have a gap between the two in the front ... unreal ... don't think that's ever happened before! Plus the upper and lower gaps have gotten heaps smaller! Is good to finally see some obvious changes after so long! :-)


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