Thursday, 6 April 2006

Photos - Adjustment 5

This pic shows the combination of blue ligs (dark and light), with the tooth coloured power chain. These photos were taken a few hours after my appointment ... so the tooth coloured chains are still looking a nice shade!

Also there appears to be 'light' between my two upper front teeth. The amazing thing about that, is they were still slightly overlapping prior to my appointment!
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This photo shows the two gaps on the left side of my mouth that need closing.
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The 'wayward' lateral ... is the one on the lower arch with the dark blue lig. It's tried to get into alignment by coming though right side first. The powerchain is connected to the tooth to the left of it to make space for it to line up properly!
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Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Week 35 - Adjustment 5

Well I’m back from adjustment number 5 … just a few days past my eight month anniversary!

Dr C was concerned that the lower lateral was still not in line and had turned slightly while trying to line up.

He was also concerned about some changes in my bite. My top teeth are meeting/biting to the back of my lower teeth … still on the top, but to the back of the top … if that makes any sense.

He decided to go ahead with new wires for both upper and lower, as he felt it was time to up the work effort. I was thrilled to be getting the chance to choose new ligs and asked for dark and light blue … which I’m thrilled with. Dr C was surprised I changed from purple, as I was in my usual purple clothes ... but I feel like I've been waiting way to long for this ... so I was happy to be different for a change. Ok ... I know blue and purple are in the same family ... but it felt good to do something different! Have to add ... it feels really strange when the ligs and archwires are out ... my teeth felt kinda vunerable ...

Dr C was still poking round and making a few comments … then said it was time to try something else and asked his assistant for one six loop chain and one seven loop chain! My mind was doing flips, then I realised the ‘loop chains’ he was referring to would be power chain!

The upper one is connected from the back bracket hook to the front left central incisor and is to start moving my upper teeth to the right. Dr C said I’ll get a gap in between my upper front teeth, but not to worry, as he’ll close that when the time is right. He’s hoping the gap between left upper central and lateral will close. I can tell you one thing … it’s already trying to! I can’t believe how quickly my upper front teeth have developed a small gap … after having been partly lapped for so many years … this feels weird!

The lower ‘loop chain’ is connected from the back bracket hook on the left to the right central incisor. The plan here is that these teeth will move to the left and let the 'wayward' lateral have some space so that it can come into alignment and straighten at the same time. I can’t feel it yet … but I’m hoping I will before long!

As with all good news … there has to be some bad stuff … damn it! The ‘loop chains’ are tooth coloured … shit! I’d already picked the colours for the ligs … and never thought that Con wouldn’t do the same coloured thing for the ‘loop chain’ … well it will be yellow tomorrow … coz guess who’s having chick pea curry (with plenty of turmeric) for tea?

I’m disappointed about the colour of the ‘loop chain’, but I’m not disappointed to have one!

I am so looking forward to loads of changes! Also so far ... no real discomfort. I can feel a little pressure from the powerchain working on my front upper tooth ... but that's only when I bite my teeth together! Here's hoping that's how it stays!

PS … my lower right back bracket came off during my adjustment today, but Dr C said it could stay off for now, as there’s more important things that need dealing with in my mouth!

PPS ... I'm going to take some pics shortly ... so will post them when I get those organised!


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