Monday, 8 August 2005

Think I've discovered the most annoying thing about braces ...

I know it's only been five days, but I reckon I've made a discovery!

The most annoying thing about braces is ... you can't take the damn things off ... not even for just a minute or two, or an hour or two, or a day or two, or a week or two ... umm maybe that's also why they work ... coz you can't!

After five days I've come to the realisation that if I want a break from them ... well tough luck ... for the next couple of years it's not going to happen ... and that's really scary! I mean all I want to do is to brush my teeth and of course the braces ... but separately ... it would make life so much easier not to mention quicker!

Imagine how good it would be to be able to remove them to eat ... wow ... no problems with more food in your 'grill' than in your stomach. You'd be able to eat green things without the fear that you might open your mouth in front of some unsuspecting person and ruin their meal!

Imagine when the inside of your cheek or lip has a crater craved in it coz of some pokey bracket, hook or wire. You'd just take them out and give your mouth a rest and when it's all better ... in they'd go again! How difficult can that be ... ?

It sounds easy to me ... but then I know there has to be a reason why you can't do this ... and I'm guessing that there's people out there who can't be trusted to put them back in ... and so they've ruined it for the rest of us!

Wednesday, 3 August 2005

First Day with Braces - 3 August 2005

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Right - gap from impacted canine

Some Before Pictures

Before braces ...

The front

The left

The right ... show gap due to impacted canine

I live to tell the tale ...

9:15 am ... had 10 x-rays taken.

10:15 am ... Orthodontist Appointment.

Firstly I had to read about how to look after braces ... not to eat sweet, sticky or hard food ... well that rules out my usual diet ... bugger ... although melted chocolate might be ok if I preach 'the chocolate is made from a bean ... therefore it must be a veggie ...' stuff!

Dr C then discussed my treatment plan and after looking over the x-rays (official report yet to be received) he decided to put only the top brackets on, as he believes the top will need a lot more work. Lowers to go on in November following meeting with oral surgeon.

The putting on of the brackets was no major event ... was all over quite quickly and I never tasted anything or felt anything. Ok ... that damn 'blow fish' mouth piece isn't the best, but apart from that everything went well.

Dr C then removed the revolting 'blow fish' thing ... and yes my upper inside lip was a bit concerned about what it was touching. A little bit of a rebellion as it tried to work out where to go etc. My tongue also did some exploring ... feel sharp, but small ... hope that last bit is right!

Dr C then inserted a wire ... and put ligatures on ... ok ... I know something has happened in my mouth ... things feel different now ... immediate pressure ... interesting.

Dr C then talks to me a bit and says goodbye and sends me to another room for a lecture on oral hygiene and things like that. I also get a 'party bag' ... although I wasn't too thrilled with what was in it ... fluoride mouth rinse, toothbrush, wax and superfloss ... oh well ... guess I didn't win the million bucks!

Next to reception to make an appointment. Return in September for an adjustment ... 6 weeks away I think. Then in November have an appointment with the oral surgeon and one with Dr Con for the lower brackets.

After parting with the cheque to cover the deposit for my treatment ... I'm outta there ... and I've still not seen what's in my mouth. So remembering there's a toilet on the first floor I head for that. All right ... so no-one said it would make me look any better ... oh dear ... not sure what I was expecting ... but am a bit concerned that the ligatures are the clear ones ... damn ... I'm a tea and red wine drinker ... and my favourite meal is real Indian curry ... damn ... Dr C must have forgotten that when we talked at my appointment seven plus weeks back!

I'll have to survive ... wonder if there's a way to get the ligatures to turn a colour that I like ... just a thought, coz I really am against yellow and shades there of. Now if I could get purple or a shade in that family ... well ... blueberries... but it's winter here so doubt there'd be any ... but will think about that one for a while.

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