Monday, 29 September 2008

Wilson's First Day

At 8 am on Sunday 28 September 2008, we picked up our new puppy.

He's 7 1/2 weeks old and totally cute. He's also incredibly social, as we have friends staying with three young children, plus he had many visitors during the day.

We're very happy that Milo has helped us to find a new dog to have in our lives.

Wilson is his name and he's a Maltalier - Maltese x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Here's his first photos at his new home.

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Week 164 - Adjustment 22

September 2008 - 37 Months

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Left Side
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Right Side
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Gap over my impacted canine - Right Side
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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Week 164 - Adjustment 22

My Ortho was happy as the gap over my impacted canine is showing signs of closing. Awesome news!!!

He removed my ligs and archwires and made many bends in both the upper and lower archwires before putting them back in, taking them out, more bends ... repeat, repeat, repeat. He kept checking my bite, which is still open and only meets on the right - second molars. He's trying to get my bite to close as well as working to finishing closing the gap! Finally when he was happy with the bends, he put the archwires back in. He then put powerchains on both arches … the purple ones. My upper arch hasn’t had a powerchain for a long time, and this is the first time it’s gone over the gap of my impacted canine … so here’s to that gap being totally closed very soon.

New Elastic Configerations
I’m to wear elastics on both sides - Size 3/16". Left side is to be a triangle, from upper canine to lower canine and lower premolar. Right side is to be a triangle from upper first molar to lower canine and lower premolar.

It didn’t take long for my teeth to feel the changes … seems to be both upper and lower teeth on my left side, and think it’s due to the bends in the archwires more than the triangular elastic. The discomfort is only mild, but this is the first time I've experienced this in a while. Here's to that gap being gone ... totally gone!!!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

A Tough Week

My hubby has been tired and feeling generally unwell this week. This is scary, as he has been looking so good since we were told he has terminal cancer, that at times it is possible to forget what lies ahead.

He was very upset on Tuesday, as he felt he could no longer go to work, even for a few hours. We talked and cried together for a while, and he's decided to not try and go to work every day, and on the days he does go, he'll go for maybe only four hours.

The trip through the centre of Australia to Darwin was an awesome holiday, but when we got to Darwin, my hubby spent long hours fishing ... so I think it's to be expected that he's feeling tired.

This week we will organise bloods and a visit to our GP, who the palliative care team, have said we can keep as our primary care giver for now. Important for my hubby, as this is the first doctor he's felt good about.

Here's to next week being better!

Monday, 15 September 2008

We're back

We had a great holiday in the Northern Territory!

The trip up in the train was fun and we had an awesome time seeing Uluru and Kata Tjata. A truly magickal area of Central Australia.

The weather in Darwin was fantastic ... with most day temps in the mid 30's and night temps high 20's. This is the weather we love and we were totally comfortable.

Our kids joined us in Darwin for a holiday and that was loads of fun. They're gorgous and we had a great time together ... sweet as!

The markets in Darwin are amazing and we loved the opportunity to watch the amazing sunsets, while sampling the foods of many countries, and being entertained by some amazing musicians. We spent time wandering round the markets and found some great goodies produced by very talented people.

It was great catching up with friends and we hope to get back up there again soon!

It was tough leaving, but we needed to get back to South Australia to see how our new house was progressing.

My hubby is still eating well and looks great!


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