Saturday, 8 November 2008

Week 170 - Adjustment 23

My ortho is happy that my upper right gap, over the impacted canine is continuing to close.

He's not so happy that my bite is still open and appears to be catching on a back molar, right side.

Powerchains were removed and both archwires removed and more bends put in on the right side.

New purple powerchains and I'm to continue with the same elastic configeration - Size 3/16".
  • Left side - a triangle, from upper canine to lower canine and lower premolar
  • Right side - a triangle from upper first molar to lower canine and lower premolar

My ortho brought up the subject of retainers ... wow ... does this mean he can see a light at the end of the tunnel for me ... I'm excited, but I'm still not prepared to ask about time frames. Anyway he said that the cost of my 'plates' has been covered in my original payment, but that he'd also recommend I get upper and lower fixed retainers. He uses a gold wire and they cost $250.00 each. He said in general the fixed retainers do hold the teeth in place more definitely, although you have to be careful with them, as it means never eating very chewy lollies. He said my oral hygiene is excellent and that he'd never recommend a fixed retainer to anyone who didn't have very good oral hygiene.

My right side has a few aches, but in general this was a much easier adjustment than my last one. Here's to my gap being closed when I have more chair time in February 2009 ... it sure is strange typing that!


Jen said...

Life deals us these challenging cards. I would find it really hard to accept. You have been strong and must remain so.
Just imagine it is happening to someone else when it gets hard.


YAY!! Sounds like a good visit!! Hope your journey is moving along smoothly!

nabukay said...

hi kaz,

that is awesome hearing them talk of retainers. wow, that's something that only comes up when i meet people who had their braces out for a while.

as for your hubby, i'm also happy to hear that he is stronger and also about the progress on your house.

i think its times like these when we get to know who our real friends are and if you have even just five you are truly blessed.

i know someone who does not have anyone. keep your head up and keep us posted.

lots of love.

Katherine said...

February're kidding right? You don't see your ortho again for 3 MONTHS!?!?

(go gappy go!)


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