Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Photo's after Adjustment 11

Here's some photos to show the affect of wearing class III elastics for four months!

They show loads more progress than I realised, especially the widening of my arches and the disappearance of a cross bite! All great!

Front view - August 2006
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Front view - December 2006
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Left view - August 2006
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Left view - December 2006
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Right view - August 2006
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Right view - December 2006
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Week 72 - Adjustment 11

Uppers - new ligs and lowers a new powerchain.

I asked for the same powerchain ... that gorgous grape (blue purple) shade ... I love it. I asked if the upper ligs could be changed, as they've faded heaps and my lovely Ortho said they could. I was planning to choose black, but with his hands in my mouth, my ortho started putting new ones on ... they're purple ... and of course I'm cool with that.

He again reminded me, that's my treatment is all about elastics now! I'm sure my class III is getting real close to being gone ... but it's just seems to be going slow. My ortho gave me two more bags of elastics ... as he doesn't want me having an excuses for down time! I've been wearing elastics for 4 1/2 months ... wonder how many more of those little things I'll be putting on hooks and between upper and lower jaws ...

We talked a little about the weather, the mad season and general stuff, and then it was 'happy holiday' wishes and within 10 minutes I was back in my car! I love these appointments ... short, sweet, informative ... and positive!

I've got another long gap till my next adjustment ... so I've decided that by the time I go back ... my bite WILL BE class I ... it really WILL ... I promise myself ... it WILL!


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