Friday, 11 November 2005

Photos ... Adjustment 2!

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Right Left

Week 14 - Adjustment 2!

Went to the oral surgeon first ... his report ...
* recommends that the impacted upper right canine not be touched! He does not think it should be exposed or removed as there is risk it will damage the nerves of the teeth around it and therefore other teeth could be lost or need root canals.
* recommends that the gap be closed by bringing the first premolar into the canine position, or that the gap be widened for a bridge or a denture.
* recommends against an implant as to do that the canine would need to be removed.

I'm still trying to absorb what those options mean ... but hopefully it will become clearer over the next month or two!

Then to see Dr C my ortho!
He was happy with how things were going and said there's still a lot of movement needed to straighten my teeth before any more can be done.

He put a lig round half the bracket of the lower right lateral that is out of line ... and wow ... felt that, also it seems to be knocking the canine next to it ... so a little discomfort in that area. Can't believe how quickly it's being pulled into alignment though ... is amazing!

Again he did not change all my ligs ... only on the three that were adjusted and put completely around the bracket. That means that four ligs have been on the top for 14 weeks and some on the bottom for 8 weeks. I asked Dr C about this ... as it kinda killed my idea of going with Christmas colours on the bottom ... and he said the focus is on straighten some teeth at this time, and therefore not all need the force of new ligs. Ok ... I accept that ... but what about changing colours ... I didn't go there ... only thought it!

Dr C told me how fantastic he thought the purple ligs looked with the ceramic brackets and that he'd told another adult patient about them and she's trying them out on her lower ceramics! Cool!

He did a bit more checking and said my oral hygiene was excellent ... whew ... how much had I longed to hear that! I was thrilled! Then he must have noticed something and changed another lig ... and guess what ... it's a different shade of purple ... darker I think ... and I like it! It's on the lower left second premolar ... so a long way back ... not sure if I can catch it with my digital ... but will try!

Next adjustment in 3 1/2 weeks ... hopefully I'll get all new ligs at that one and can do the Christmas thing on the bottom then!


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