Friday, 30 May 2008

The Rainbow Bridge

We received a beautiful card from the Veterinary Practice where Milo was treated. With the card, came a copy of this beautiful poem.

Author unknown

Just this side of Heaven, before the Pearly Gates
Is a sunny meadow where your pets can rest and wait.
It's where the slanting sunshine meets the highest clouds,
A floating bridge of rainbows, so far above the ground.

This is where we wait for you, if we have gone before,
Just out of sight of mortals, just outside heaven's door;
Here we play in sunshine, frolic free from age or pain,
And anticipate the joyful time when we will meet again.

Every pet that's lived on Earth can bide his time, can wait,
For that special person to come walking to the Rainbow Gates,
And everyone who's loved a pet will find them safely here,
Frolicking on Rainbow Bridge till your own time draws near.

One day there comes a feeling, a trembling in the air,
And then we know it's time to run and come to meet you there,
Faster and faster on that day, across Rainbow Bridge we'll run,
To meet the humans we love best, come walking in the sun.

Alas my friend you cannot pass across Rainbow Bridge with me,
But when your time for glory comes, waiting for you I'll be -
Then together we will walk upon a path of glittering light,
No more to suffer, nor to part, but to live forever side by side.

Every pet that's lived on Earth can bide his time and wait
Until together with his person he goes through those Pearly Gates,
And everyone who's loved a pet, you'll find them waiting here,
Safe and sound on Rainbow Bridge till your own time draws near.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Week 147 - Adjustment 20

A quick adjustment. My orthodontist is concerned that my teeth aren't moving as they should be and wants my next appointment to be a longer one. He plans to change the placement of some brackets with the intention that this will help correct the necessary alignment.

Uppers - Ignored

Lowers - Strong grey powerchain replaced. Small gaps from the IPR (15 October 2007) still need to complete closing.

The hook on the lower left molar had come away from the base of the bracket. My ortho had no idea how this could happen. He removed the base of the bracket and cleaned the glue off my tooth ... no discomfort. He said he'd replace this at my longer appointment in June. Said it will be a good test to see how far the molar moves over the next three weeks. It's a second molar, that has moved into the place of an extracted first molar. I can tell it's already moved, but hopefully only a small amount. My orthodontist says the amount of movement a tooth like this gives, indicates what might happen when all brackets are removed and therefore indicates the type of retaining that may be needed.

I'm to continue wearing a class III elastic (3/16" elastics - red bag) on the right side - minimum of 23 hours a day, change once a day. Wear in a class III configuration - upper right first molar to lower canine. This is to continue closing the gap over my impacted upper right canine and help with my very crooked midlines. I have been wearing a class III elastic on the right since August 2006!

Next appointment - 19 June 2008.

Friday, 23 May 2008

European Holiday

We visited our travel agent today, after hubby's radiation treatment. We've filled in the forms to apply to our travel insurance company to delay our trip till 2009. Our Doc has filled out the medical form and now we need our agent to fill in the details regarding costs, what we've paid, and any differences that will need to be addressed due to the delay.

We're now looking at May 2009, as we don't want to travel at peak, but do want to try and get good weather. Our agent found that the cruise we want, left Rome this year on 10 May, so we're hoping the dates will be similar for 2009!

This gives my hubby plenty of time to recover and for both of us to become much fitter and able to cope with long days of walking ... as there's so many things we want to see while we're in Italy, Greece and Turkey.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Milo died this morning ...

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Our precious Milo ... aged 10 years, died this morning after being attacked by a dog while I was walking her on Monday.

The local veterinary clinic staff worked hard to save our sweetie and were shattered that she wasn't able to survive the huge op she had last night. Dr Fiona said, that a few minutes after she'd phoned this morning to say Milo had made it through the night, Milo took a turn for the worse. Dr Fiona stayed with Milo and stroked her fluffy ear, as she knew how much we loved her and she didn't want to leave her. Thank you so much Fiona and all the staff who worked with Milo!

We are shattered. Milo was one of those special friends who made it into the hearts of all who met her, especially those who didn't think they liked dogs.

She has left us with many wonderful memories and friends in Fiji, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and friends and family who've visited from New Zealand.

The world has lost a very special creature, but our lives are richer for the privilege of having Milo in them.

We will miss you our darling! Enjoy being with your special friend Otis, our ginger cat who died while we were living in Fiji!

Monday, 5 May 2008

Hubby's Treatment is going well

My hubby's team were so impressed at how well he was after the chemo drugs were underway, that on the Saturday they organised his first radiation. I drove him to St Andrew's, and it didn't take very long at all ... maybe 10 minutes, and I think the radiotherapy was only for 2-3 minutes of that. The longest part, is making sure he's in the correct position so that the machine does it's three zaps in the right places and misses the vital organs.

During the next week he had a nasal gastric tube inserted down his nose. First they tired it 'blind', but the tumour wouldn't let it past. Next they used the endoscope and the job was done correctly.

Hubby's not very happy about the NG tube, but they said it's better to put it in place now, than have to try and get it down if the tumour swells. Plus this is a better option than a PEG tube.

We were allowed home a few days later, with boxes of 'food' ... tins of jevity to put in the gravity fed bottles. Hubby is to use 1,800 mls a night in his feeding tube. Then during the day, he's to drink as much ensure plus, as he can. Plus he's allowed to try thicker liquids ... and he has successfully done this, including eating some mushy vegetables. Yah! The priority is not to loose weight.

He's had 10 radiotherapy sessions and is feeling good. He's definitely tired and lacks energy, but we're guessing that was the least we could expect. His weight loss appears to have slowed and although he's lost nearly 40 kilos, he's feeling good. Hubby's hair has started to become fine. He's always had very thick, wirey hair, and he now has soft 'run your fingers through' hair. The chemo nurse told us this would most likely happen ... wonder if he'll become a 'nude nut'.

Here's to the next 18 doses of radiotherapy and second round with the two chemo drugs going well. :-)


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