Friday, 28 November 2008

Family begin to arrive

One of my hubby's brother's, and his wife flew in from New Zealand on Tuesday. It's great to see them!

Our daughter flew in on Wednesday. She's exhausted, as hasn't slept since she finished night shift. Sooooooooooooo great to have her here.

We're still not totally in our new house, but Wilson and I slept here on Monday night. Two friends stayed with us, due to my hubby being in hospital. It was strange being in a new place, but I woke up feeling good, which I take to be a positive!

My hubby is breathing better, but has limited energy and seems to be sleeping more and more. It's really hard to know what to do and at times I just have to walk away, as it's breaking my heart to see him change like this.

Our son is in Perth for the next few days with one of his bands, and he flies in on Sunday. Them more relations fly in from New Zealand on Monday. It'll be tough on them, as that's the day my hubby will be admitted to hospital, but hopefully only for a couple of days.


stephanie said...

Thinking about you and your family!

laura said...

That must be tough, moving into a new place when your hubby isn't there. It feels so strange sleeping in a new house. At least Wilson is there by your side. A new house never feels like home to me until my cats are moved in. And hooray for friends and family!


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