Thursday, 28 July 2005

Pocket another $155 depleted!

Good appointment ... well that's if you can have a good dental appointment. Best of all it was painless ... incredible, coz those needles usually hurt unbelievably, but Dr Clegg put something that looked a horrible brown colour, on my skin first ... and I never felt a thing.

Really strange though ... I was at the hair dresser getting purple streaks ... and realised my upper left lip was still numb ... five hours later! Incredible! But the best news is ... finally, when I could feel everything again, there was absolutely no pain whatsoever ... totally amazing!

Also I must put in a plug for composite fillings ... apart from looking better due to them being tooth coloured, they require less drilling of your tooth, and you can chew on it straight away ... great stuff!

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Tooth under Attack

Hit the panic button!

Geepers there I was enjoying chewing a toffee and chocolate lolly ... I'm such a chocolate addict that I just can't help myself. Anyway think I had three or more in a row. As I said ... I LOVE chocolate!

Next thing my mouth is in a panic ... the tongue has found the back of something that feels foreign and worse still I can't work out what it is.

To the bathroom fast ... to find ... half a cuspid is no longer where it should have been ... and I didn't even notice anything hard in that last lolly. Damn ... panic ... ortho in seven days ... feel and looks like half a cuspid is missing ... man I didn't need this to happen!

Ring the dentist ... who by the way had said his goodbyes a few weeks back and said see ya in 12 months ... famous last words ah! The receptionist says no appointments until a fortnight. So I explain I've gotta go to the ortho next Wednesday ... and she says there's a good chance they can squeeze me in tomorrow! Oh boy is I pleased about that ... strange really, coz don't remember ever being pleased about going to the dentist before ... but just know I need to get this fixed! I can't not make my ortho appointment ... have done that before, and suspect that's why things are where they're at today! I gotta be brave!


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