Saturday, 18 November 2006

Photos - Adjustment 10

The beginning ... Day 1 - August 2005
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15 Months later - November 2006
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Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Week 67 - Adjustment 10

Uppers ... No change!

Lowers ... A new powerchain over all teeth. My ortho used the purple (grape) coloured one I bought from an ortho supply company. He said the colour was great, but the quality not as good as what he usually buys ... damn! I really like this dark blue shade of purple!

I got new elastics ... a smaller size - 1/4" diameter and named Blue ... another very original name :-( I'm to continue wearing them in Class III fashion for 23 1/2 hours a day! Ortho said my treatment is all about elastics now. ... gotta admit I'm not totally sure what that comment meant!

I asked about the biting surface of my upper right incisor and my ortho said that prior to getting braces off, I'll be having x-rays to check where the roots of my teeth are. If they need adjusting, bends will be made in the archwire. After the brackets are removed, any groves, or pieces that need correcting will be smoothed out.

My ortho said he wants to see me again before Christmas ... so have another appointment in five weeks ... that is a short break ... so hope all goes well! Maybe my uppers will be in front of my lowers by then ... now that would be awesome!!!

Photos to follow!


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