Friday, 7 December 2007

Week 122 - Adjustment 18

6 December 2007

My orthodontist was pleased with my left side, as it's now getting close to having a class I molar relationship. Unfortunately my right side is still class III ... I wasn't pleased to hear that.

* Wire tie put round left canine bracket
* To continue with class III elastic on the right side - minimum of 23 hours a day, change once a day
* No ligs changed

* Strong powerchain removed
* Archwire removed
* Ends clipped on archwire, to prevent poking over the next three months
* Archwire replaced
* A new strong, 13 link, grey powerchain added across all lower teeth

My next appointment is in three months! My orthodontist is hoping the upper right impacted canine gap will be closed by then. Here's hoping it is ... as it's been a long wait ... around two years!

I'd hoped to get new upper ligs, so I could do my christmas colours of black and purple, but my orthodontist didn't want them changed. So have black for another three months ... plus the wire tie ... which will be okay! Had to get the boring grey powerchain again, as this is the only colour Con has in this strong chain. Here's hoping the gaps resulting from the IPR I had eight weeks ago, will be gone by my next appointment!

I enjoy my appointments and after discussing some general orthodontic stuff, it was holiday wishes and two more bags of 3/16" elastics (red bag) ... and I was gone!


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