Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Week 79 - an unexpected Adjustment 12

I was concerned that the bracket on my upper canine had come loose, so I phoned and my ortho said to come in for a change of powerchain.

It had been about two months since my last appointment, and still a month till my next ... so this appeared to be good timing.

My ortho's very concerned that the right canine gap has barely shown any closing. Said it should have moved by now and is slowing everything down. Another option (possibly easier orthodontically, but not so good financially), would be to open the gap and have a bridge. Said he’ll continue a while longer before making that call.

Has given me stronger elastics to wear on the right side … Class III - TP Orthodontics Inc Tru-Force – Red – diameter 3/16”. I’m to continue wearing the 1/4" elastic on the left side. He’s hoping this will show some improvement on my right side, by my March appointment. He did much holding of my lower jaw and bite examination … he definitely wasn’t happy with my progress … but is hoping this new smaller elastic will help.

Changed the lower powerchain … grape again!

Here's too some movement with my upper right side before 7 March 2007!

Week 78 - 18 Month Anniversary!

Time has really flown ... hard to believe that on 3 February 2007 I've had braces for 18 months ... that sounds like forever, but feels like a really short time!

I've put together some comparison pics for this time.


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