Friday, 30 October 2009

I keep needing more space for my vegies ...

I can't stop adding more seeds and seedlings. So I have to keep finding ways to increase my space ... and that's fun. Here's some photos ...

These terracota pots have been sealed and are homes for a bay tree and flat leaf parsley.
Bay tree and Mine - Oct 09

A heirloom tomato plant - Amish Oxheart - growing in a bag of potting mix

A Queensland blue pumpkin and a bush cucumber are growing in two tyres.
Tyre with bush cucumber and Queensland Blue Pumpkin - Oct 09

I have three 'tomato towers' which I'm using to grow climbing beans and peas.
September 2009

Seven Raised Garden Beds ...

Finally all the raised garden beds have been built!
Raised Garden beds photo taken from between garden sheds - oct 09
Raised garden beds photo taken fromdriveway - oct 09

It was so exciting to have the final two built, weed mat and soil in place, so I could find more vegies to put in them. It didn't take long to fill them both ... although I'm continuing to look for space to add more seeds and seedlings.

Next the watering options will be added. Each garden will have the choice of the BioCycle, rain water (tank) or mains water. Then the areas around each garden bed will be levelled and covered with weed mat and blue metal. An arch is being built by a friend and it will go between the two garden beds built onto the side of my neighbours and my fence. A bench seat will be below that ... as a place to chill. Not all together necessary, as each garden has a layer of sleepers lying horizontally ... so it's possible to sit anywhere!


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