Friday, 7 November 2008

Surgery went well

We arrived at the hospital just before 8 am and our doctor was waiting for us.

My hubby was admitted and then the work began to get all equipment ready to removed the fluid from around his lung. This was done in a 'normal' hospital room, so it was important to have everything as sterile as possible.

I was sitting by the bed, and was never asked to leave, so I stayed for the procedure.

Firstly they gave my hubby some meds to relax him, and since he still doesn't take much for his pain, only a few endone here and there, he kinda went cross-eyed for a bit, but luckly he came good.

Next the doc did his sterilisation routine, scrubbed, was growned, gloved etc. There was a nurse, an medical intern and a student present, so quite a busy little room. Numbing stuff was put in the area they were planning to put the needle in, and then a larger needle was put in. They work 'blind', which is kinda scary when you realise they working around the lungs and ribs. After a bit of moving the needle, and considerable discomfort on my poor hubby's face, a good flow was established.

Our doc removed 60 mls at a time, and then it was released, by a separate tap into a container. Two containers were taken to send away for examination. A litre of clear brown fluid was removed and then the needle was removed. An hour or so later we walked to the x-ray section, and he had another x-ray. After that he rested on the hospital bed, until our doc returned from his general practice around 1 pm. He checked the x-rays, and unfortunately they show little improvement, which possibly indicates more fluid had accummulated since the previous x-ray, the day before. Our doc said that depending on how my hubby recovers from this surgery, will help with the decision as to what to do next. They may take more fluid off, but will neveer take more than 1 litre, as it can have a negative affect to take more. It was soooooooooooo disappointing to see so much of the lung still surrounded by fluid, and also a couple of small patches have shown on his right lung.
Hubby is feeling better and is breathing better.

Our doc said to go home, but to take care. He asked to see us in a week. My hubby mentioned he was flying to Brisbane next week for business and was swiftly told that 'no he wasn't'. Then our doc explained that although the x-rays show no air hole in his lungs, he cannot risk going at altitude. Good thing the subject came up before we left.

The improvement in my hubby is incredible! All fingers crossed! :-)

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