Friday, 7 November 2008

Friday - Hubby is feeling better!

A new day and my hubby is feeling better. :-)

It's so good to see him smiling and happy. He's able to walk to our new house (which we built next door to the one we currently live in), without having to stop for breath. He's been worrying terribly that our new house won't be finished before he dies ... I wish I could convince him not to, but I realise he's doing this for me.

We have awesome friends who've spent every weekend (and some evenings after work), this past month, working on the boundaries, preparing retaining walls and the like. Today we 'employed' a friend ... who does work for the business my hubby is GM of, but he's taken two weeks leave to work for us on our new place, preparing the outside so we can move in. We're going to pay him his weekly wage, but it's still such a kind act, as I know he'll achieve heaps and my hubby will feel loads better while that's happening.

This weekend there's more digging (bobcat) needed to 'cut' the land for more retaining walls and getting ready to order the fences and gates. We're going to have to have a meeting with our neighbours who we share boundaries with to organise fences. Our neighbours over the back are close friends and there house is nearly at the 'roof on' stage. They visit most days, so we just have to make a decision with them. The other neighbour, whom we both share a boundary with appears to 'hide' away all weekend when we're out working around our land. Not sure why, but we're going to have to talk to him, coz we need to get these fences organised asap. He's been in his house a few months now, it was built earlier this year, so hope he's allowed money for fencing in his budget. Sadly he's not had any work done around his house, which I'm sure would look really nice with some gardens, paths etc.

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Mom and Son said...

It's a blessing when you have special people in your life to step in when you need them the most. So glad to hear your hubby feeling a bit better. I continue to pray for you and your family! :)


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