Saturday, 22 November 2008

Second Surgery on Monday

Our Doc looked worried as soon as we walked into his office on Thursday. My hubby had only walked the short distance from the waiting room to his office and his breathing was heavy. After checking his breathing and the usual 'knocking on his fingers' around his back, our Doc said there's fluid in both lungs, but the left is still the worst and he's prepared to take more fluid from it, if that's what we want. We both agreed it was! He gave us a choice of any day from the Friday, till the end of next week. We chose Monday, coz that means if he decides to take another litre off the following day, it will be all over by the Tuesday, which we think is the day our first visitors arrive from New Zealand.

We're to be at the the local hospital by 7.30 am on Monday morning and our Doc is planning to insert the needle to remove a litre of fluid, around 8 am. He asked my hubby if his Intern could do the job, assisted by himself, and my hubby agreed. Our Doc thinks this would be a good one for his Intern to do, as there's a lot of fluid, which means it's easier to find.

Our Doc said that depending on how my hubby copes with the one litre removal on Monday, he may or may not take another litre on the Tuesday. We're hoping it all goes well and that another litre is taken.

Here's to my hubby coping with the fluid over the weekend, and then finding great relief after the surgery on Monday ... and hopefully again on Tuesday!


Katherine said...

Have been thinking of you lots, Karen. Will be praying Monday's (and Tuedsay's) procedures go well and offer a reprive in your Dear Hubby's discomfort. *hug*

Anonymous said...

Sending you big hug from a cross ditch. Hope it all went well today. Luv to both you.


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