Friday, 7 December 2007

Week 122 - Adjustment 18

6 December 2007

My orthodontist was pleased with my left side, as it's now getting close to having a class I molar relationship. Unfortunately my right side is still class III ... I wasn't pleased to hear that.

* Wire tie put round left canine bracket
* To continue with class III elastic on the right side - minimum of 23 hours a day, change once a day
* No ligs changed

* Strong powerchain removed
* Archwire removed
* Ends clipped on archwire, to prevent poking over the next three months
* Archwire replaced
* A new strong, 13 link, grey powerchain added across all lower teeth

My next appointment is in three months! My orthodontist is hoping the upper right impacted canine gap will be closed by then. Here's hoping it is ... as it's been a long wait ... around two years!

I'd hoped to get new upper ligs, so I could do my christmas colours of black and purple, but my orthodontist didn't want them changed. So have black for another three months ... plus the wire tie ... which will be okay! Had to get the boring grey powerchain again, as this is the only colour Con has in this strong chain. Here's hoping the gaps resulting from the IPR I had eight weeks ago, will be gone by my next appointment!

I enjoy my appointments and after discussing some general orthodontic stuff, it was holiday wishes and two more bags of 3/16" elastics (red bag) ... and I was gone!

Monday, 29 October 2007

Photos - 26 1/2 months - 15 October 2007

Front - 26 1/2 months ago
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Front - biting the way my Ortho says I should
Image Hosted by
Left - there are bends in the archwire on either side of the first premolar
Image Hosted by
Right - there are bends in the archwire on either side of the first premolar
Image Hosted by
Lowers - after IPR and with boring strong great powerchain
Image Hosted by

NOTE ... when I hold my bite the way my Ortho wants me to ... uncomfortable due to only one tooth touching, but the side pics do make it look like I'm in class I. Kinda cool, coz I've never been class I before ... just wish it was class I when more teeth were touching ... but here's to that happening next!

At least now I have the feeling it will happen and I can see what it might look like ... the excitement is building.

Week 115 - Adjustment 17

15 October 2007

I had a busy adjustment, which was fun!

First Dr C removed the upper black ligs and archwire. He cleaned the bonding resin off my front left incisor ... and it was painfree ... which was great! He then bonded a new bracket on that tooth.

Next the purple powerchain came off the lowers and the archwire was pulled out ... but not removed. Dr C used a machine to do IPR between my front lower teeth. I couldn't feel anything, although there was a nasty smell a couple of times. Next the archwire was pressed back in and Dr C said I had to have a new tighter powerchain that he only has in grey ... boring ... but no choice about that one. I could feel the effort he put into getting the powerchain on ... so I was looking forward to seeing the how well it works.

Back to the uppers! A new archwire ... same size as the one I've had for the past 19+ months. Dr C put bends in the new one ... on either side of the first premolars. Wow ... I was feeling really excited ... so much new stuff ... He said these bends will start to help my bite come together. I chose black ligs again, as I like them on the ceramic brackets ... the three I have left!

Elastics ... I only need to wear one on the right side ... class III ... 23 1/2 hours a day, change daily. My left side is going to feel naked, as I've had elastics for 14 months on both sides.

Neither gaps are closed yet ... but they continue to get smaller ... just very slowly! My next appointment is in eight weeks.

Photos - Black Triangles - 5 September 2007

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Week 109 - Adjustment 16

5 September 2007 - 25 Months

After nearly four months ... I finally had another adjustment ... it was good to see my ortho again!

My ortho is pleased (finally) with the progress of the two major gaps that are closing ... one over the impacted canine and the other over the old extraction site of a first molar.

He pulled the lower archwire forward and did some manual sanding between my lower front teeth. This is to reduce the 'black triangles'. I don't remember feeling anything ... we were chatting about hypnosis ... so it must have been good. In six weeks (cool a close appointment, finally) I'm to get IPR done by machine, but todays is to check on sensitivity. After the sanding I had a new 13 loop purple powerchain put on the lowers ... and all felt great.

The lower archwire ... left side ... was clipped and my ortho was impressed by the amount removed. This represents the closing of the old extraction gap.
  • Uppers ... a wire tie was put on my upper left canine ... the rest left as is.
  • Elastics ... continue the same as previous 13 months.

... and with that we said goodbye!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Two years - 3 August 2007


Left Side and Right Side

Upper Arch and Lower Arch

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Photos - 23 Months - 3 July 2007

Front - the way my ortho wants my bite to be ... but as there's only one tooth touching, it's not comfortable -
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Front - 23 months
Image Hosted by
Front - 6 weeks
Image Hosted by
Left - 23 months
Image Hosted by
Left - 6 weeks
Image Hosted by
Right - 23 months
Image Hosted by
Right - 6 weeks
Image Hosted by
Upper Arch - 23 months
Image Hosted by
Upper Arch - pre braces
Image Hosted by
Lower Arch - 23 months
Image Hosted by
Lower Arch - pre braces
Image Hosted by
A photo of what was once the extraction gap of my lower left first molar. It's taken a long time, but it's nearly closed ....
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Week 97 - Adjustment 15

13 June 2007

A good appointment ... starting with the usual, bite, open, bite ... now open and relax your jaw ... now bite again ... while my ortho has his hand on my lower jaw pushing it gently back. This always feels strange, as I only have one contact in my mouth when I have this bite, which is supposedly my correct bite. My ortho says I have a 'premature connection', and not to be concerned ... it will get sorted!

My ortho was pleased to see the progress of my upper 'impacted canine' gap. The gap over my lower 'old' extraction site for a first molar had stopped closing ... the powerchain had come off the hook on the second molar ... oh well ... so much for my skills of observation. It wasn't an issue though, as both gaps need to be closed for the next stage of my treatment to be started.

I asked about IPR ... and my ortho didn't sound too keen. I then said how poppy seeds seem to fit perfectly between my lowers and he said he'd put it on my file for next time! Finally got a new powerchain on my lowers ... after five months of the other one, I was pleased to have it changed. I chose my favourite grape shade again ... unexpected I'm sure! I could feel my lower left second molar ... it was obviously feeling the pull of the powerchain and not so keen to move.

Elastics the same ...

  • 1/4" on the left ... change when break
  • 3/16" on the right ... change daily
  • Wear 23 1/2 hours a day ... remove only to clean.

My ortho reminded me that my class III will not become class I until these gaps are closed ... and this is the order the work needs to be done in. I left with a reminder that at this stage my treatment is all about elastics ... geepers I've had these things for over 10 months now ... let them finish there job ... please ...

Final farewell and a request to see me in three months! Damn ... why couldn't it be six weeks ... or eight or ten ... But he's the professional ... so here's to my gaps being closed before that appointment!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Photos - Adjustment 14

Here's my 20th month photos ...

Image Hosted by
Left - trying to get a class I bite ...
Image Hosted by
Right - the gap over my impacted canine has closed a little ...
Image Hosted by
Right - before treatment
Image Hosted by
Open mouth ... see the neon elastics
Image Hosted by
Neon Elastics - a gift from a friend in America ...
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Week 87 - Adjustment 14

4 April 2007

My ortho said there's been some progress on my right side ... fantastic!

He’s concerned about the way my molars are coming together on the left side … the upper arch is out in front of the lower. He considered stopping my left elastic, but then decided it was too important to wear it to keep my bite working towards a class I. Said I’m to continue putting a ¼” elastic on the left, and only replacing it when it’s broken.

He also commented that it’s great to see my back lower molar has closed mostly over the gap, but he needs it to slow, as it’s angling. Therefore to keep the same powerchains as I’ve had for the past two months for another 10 weeks.

My right side … there has been progress … the impacted canine gap has closed a little, therefore he wants me to continue doing what I have … with 1/16” elastics on that side, changing once a day.

He asked if I wanted my upper ligs changed … said I’d like black, as the NZ 7’s rugby team will be in town for Easter. The black ligs look good.

He reminded me again … my treatment is all about elastic wear! He said to come back in 10 weeks. A fast adjustment ... and best of all, with good news!

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Week 83 - Adjustment 13

7 March 2007 - It was my 13th adjustment today and it went ok!

My ortho replaced the bracket removed at my 'unexpected 12th adjustment' and that went smoothly ... my upper right canine now has a stainless steel bracket on it ... and it's pokey. My ortho didn't want to do this, but I really didn't mind. I've got to admit these metal things are rough and no where near as comfy as the ceramic brackets, but I'll be used to it in a few hours I'm sure.

I had six purple ligs replaced on my upper arch and my lower arch was not touched.

My ortho is still concerned at the lack of speed in two areas ... the gap closing over my impacted canine ... although he's sure there's been a little progress there (Fantastic), and my bite. We were hoping it would be a class I by now, but my teeth are still meeting biting edge to biting edge.

Elastics ... I'm to continue with the small 3/16" on the right, changing once daily and only removing to clean. On the left I'm to wear the slightly larger 1/4" and to wear it till it breaks. My ortho was concerned about how my bite is coming together at the back on the left side. It appears that my molars and second premolar are flarring.

I've got another appointment in four weeks ... wow ... such a short time!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Week 79 - an unexpected Adjustment 12

I was concerned that the bracket on my upper canine had come loose, so I phoned and my ortho said to come in for a change of powerchain.

It had been about two months since my last appointment, and still a month till my next ... so this appeared to be good timing.

My ortho's very concerned that the right canine gap has barely shown any closing. Said it should have moved by now and is slowing everything down. Another option (possibly easier orthodontically, but not so good financially), would be to open the gap and have a bridge. Said he’ll continue a while longer before making that call.

Has given me stronger elastics to wear on the right side … Class III - TP Orthodontics Inc Tru-Force – Red – diameter 3/16”. I’m to continue wearing the 1/4" elastic on the left side. He’s hoping this will show some improvement on my right side, by my March appointment. He did much holding of my lower jaw and bite examination … he definitely wasn’t happy with my progress … but is hoping this new smaller elastic will help.

Changed the lower powerchain … grape again!

Here's too some movement with my upper right side before 7 March 2007!

Week 78 - 18 Month Anniversary!

Time has really flown ... hard to believe that on 3 February 2007 I've had braces for 18 months ... that sounds like forever, but feels like a really short time!

I've put together some comparison pics for this time.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Photo's after Adjustment 11

Here's some photos to show the affect of wearing class III elastics for four months!

They show loads more progress than I realised, especially the widening of my arches and the disappearance of a cross bite! All great!

Front view - August 2006
Image Hosted by
Front view - December 2006
Image Hosted by
Left view - August 2006
Image Hosted by
Left view - December 2006
Image Hosted by
Right view - August 2006
Image Hosted by
Right view - December 2006
Image Hosted by

Week 72 - Adjustment 11

Uppers - new ligs and lowers a new powerchain.

I asked for the same powerchain ... that gorgous grape (blue purple) shade ... I love it. I asked if the upper ligs could be changed, as they've faded heaps and my lovely Ortho said they could. I was planning to choose black, but with his hands in my mouth, my ortho started putting new ones on ... they're purple ... and of course I'm cool with that.

He again reminded me, that's my treatment is all about elastics now! I'm sure my class III is getting real close to being gone ... but it's just seems to be going slow. My ortho gave me two more bags of elastics ... as he doesn't want me having an excuses for down time! I've been wearing elastics for 4 1/2 months ... wonder how many more of those little things I'll be putting on hooks and between upper and lower jaws ...

We talked a little about the weather, the mad season and general stuff, and then it was 'happy holiday' wishes and within 10 minutes I was back in my car! I love these appointments ... short, sweet, informative ... and positive!

I've got another long gap till my next adjustment ... so I've decided that by the time I go back ... my bite WILL BE class I ... it really WILL ... I promise myself ... it WILL!


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