Monday, 8 December 2008

Hubby still in hospital

Unfortunately what we'd hoped would only be a couple of days, has turned in to a week ... or more.

My hubby's bone scan came back almost clear. There's two marks behind one eye, but his team don't appear too concerned and have suggested it may just be marks on the scan. The CT scan shows that the tumour has grown ... which we expected, and has moved into the stomach area, but not by a lot. There are swollen glands in the stomach, but they said these weren't to bad. His team were happy to report that his liver is clear at this time. The chest x-ray showed the left lung flooding with fluid and the right lung with a smaller amount of fluid. Fluid removed from the left lung contains cancer cells, but we've not sort clarification of this yet ... will try and be brave enough to talk about this with his team tomorrow. Surgery is not an option, as my hubby's oxygen levels and breathing are not great enough for this. Instead we're to see a 'lung Doctor' on Monday and hopefully s/he will agree to put a tube in the left lung, so that it can be drained more easily.

A stressful time, but if we can achieve easier drainage, then quality of life will be easier to achieve.

I just want my hubby home! To be honest, I want much more than that, but I've got to accept that somethings we just can't have.

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laura said...

Thinking of you. I hope he can come home soon.


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