Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tueday - Day 5 with 7 elastics

First day at work since my new elastics and although I only have to wear four at work, I feel they hold as tightly as the seven do. The best part is, with four I can talk ... although I still can't eat 'real' food.

My ortho was pleased with the times I've been managing and still wants me to work hard at wearing the seven elastics as much as possible.

... so far -
- 4 hours on Thursday
- 19 hours (10 hr, 9 hr) on Friday
- 19 hours (9 hr, 10 hr) on Saturday
- 22 hours (19 hr, 3 hr) on Sunday
- 21 hours - 18 x 7 (12 hr, 4 hr, 2 hr) + 3 x 4 on Monday
- 21 hours - 9 x 7 (7 hr, 2 hr) + 12 x 4 on Tuesday

I can't see me being able to decrease the hours wearing four elastics, due to that being from when I got ready to leave home till I took them out for tea. Here's to there being some progress soon. My ortho has warned me, that with my history, it's possible that my teeth will not move as desired ... but I'm hoping they'll prove him wRoNg!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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