Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thursday - 1 Week with 7 elastics

Apart from not being able to eat with these elastics in, things feel as comfortable as they usually do. Often I go to put something in my mouth and then realise I can't. This is a reminder why I don't like the thought of invisalign and why I'm grateful it was never an option for me.

My daily wear hasn't varied much -
... so far -
- 4 hours on Thursday
- 19 hours (10 hr, 9 hr) on Friday
- 19 hours (9 hr, 10 hr) on Saturday
- 22 hours (19 hr, 3 hr) on Sunday
- 21 hours - 18 x 7 (12 hr, 4 hr, 2 hr) + 3 x 4 on Monday
- 21 hours - 9 x 7 (7 hr, 2 hr) + 12 x 4 on Tuesday

- 21 hours - 9 x 7 (7 hr, 2 hr) + 12 x 4 on Wednesday
- 20 hours - 8 x 7 (7 hr, 2 hr) + 11 x 4 on Thursday

I now think it'll be weekends that will be the challenge, as this weekend I have several activities and they will grately reduce my x 7 elastic wear ... but I'm coping well with x 4 wear, so here's to that making progress.

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Anonymous said...

Hello I just came across your dental case and found it very similar to a road that I am just beginning to explore and was wonder if you could give me any words of wisdom. I'm 44 and have two impacted upper canines and lots of crowding in my mouth. My question is this----at what point did you know that an oral surgeon was unable to remove the impacted teeth? And was it not possible to have a mini-implant put in the open space when the impacted tooth could not be removed? BTW...I've never posted like this so I'm not sure if this is a private email or public. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Even though your case is not over yet, your teeth look fantastic! I'm sure once you are done with your treatment, you will have a killer smile! So jealous here!!!!

Kiwikaren said...

My x-rays weren't great, but my ortho was keen to give it a try ... more keen than my surgeon. My surgeon realised there wouldn't be movement during the surgery, as he could see that the tooth was attached. He did chip some bone away, just in case ... but nothing happened.

Because my tooth was connected to the bone horizontally, it also wasn't possible to remove my tooth. I think there's some bone loss in that area as well ... and these things ruled out the possibility of an implant. Frustrating, as that would have helped bring my tope teeth round closer to the centre. Plus my treatment would have finished much sooner, as the gap took a couple of years to close.

Crowding is very easy to fix ... it's the bite issues that take time.

I hope everything goes really well for you!


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