Monday, 12 April 2010

11 Days - with 7 elastics

It's incredible ... except when I have to eat, I don't remember I have all these elastics.

My daily wear doesn't vary much, which I'm hoping is good -
- 4 hours on Thursday- 19 hours (10 hr, 9 hr) on Friday
- 19 hours (9 hr, 10 hr) on Saturday
- 22 hours (19 hr, 3 hr) on Sunday
- 21 hours - 18 x 7 (12 hr, 4 hr, 2 hr) + 3 x 4 on Monday
- 21 hours - 9 x 7 (7 hr, 2 hr) + 12 x 4 on Tuesday
- 21 hours - 9 x 7 (7 hr, 2 hr) + 12 x 4 on Wednesday
- 20 hours - 9 x 7 (7 hr, 2 hr) + 11 x 4 on Thursday
- 21 hours - 9 x 7 (7 hr, 2 hr) + 12 x 4 on Friday
- 22 hours - 19 hr + 3 x 4 (when I had visitors) on Saturday
- 22 hours - (18 hr + 4 hr) on Sunday
- 21 hours - 11 x 7 (8 hr, 3 hr ) + 10 x 4 on Monday

I'm changing my diet to raw, although sometimes I've found chewing a challenge, but I'm loving the changes I'm learning about. I'm also having one green smoothie a day ... and they're amazing!

My favourite green smoothie so far is -
- 200 gm silverbeet
- 3 bananas
- 1 handful of strawberries
- 1 cup water

Blend ... and enjoy!


James said...

fetishism gone mad....congratulations!!!! braced for a lifetime!!

Anonymous said...

wow!! so many elastics!

i just started by blog:

i have the upper ibraces and lower normal braces, how am i supposed to wear elastics? i am only 4 weeks in and my ortho hasn't mentioned anything yet but just in general how do you attach them to lingual braces?

i have a comment section on my blog, please reply there :)

Anonymous said...


I checked your blog and noticed you haven't posted lately. I hope you're doing well. After nearly four years and double jaw surgery I'm currently brace free. I hope you're near the point where you'll be able to see the end in sight.


Joel said...

Upon visiting some emergency dentist (Chicago-based) last week, they have given me some tips regarding dental diet. They advised me to take cold and hot food in moderation. Moreover, easting soft food will lessen the tension. Right now, I'm enjoying mushed potatoes and some yogurt smoothies. Hope you'd try it!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how but I saw your blog while looking for something else, I've been having a look at it and I think it is amazing how you've been posting pictures of everything regarding your braces! I'm 21 and I just got my braces removed after 3,5 years wearing them and now I've seen your blog I realised I do not have any pictures of how my teeth were before! And I wish I had done some similar to this! Anyway, great job! I'll keep visiting.

TXCPA said...

I am 42 and have a horizontally impacted canine. Consequently, I have a less than perfect arch and I had gaps b/t my teeth. About 7 years ago, my dentist/ortho (one and the same) recommended that i put porcelein veneers on my 6 front teeth. One of the veneers was "built up" to supposedly look like a canine... the one he fixed was the first molar after the space where the canine would be so it is rather big for a "canine". All of my veneers are way too big and I'm simply not happy. As a result, I'm considering doing it the "right way" but am afraid that it may be fused to the bone. It would seem like the next best alternative would be an implant so I was disappointed to hear that you couldn't have one. Why? I realize it would have to go in space where impacted canine is but is the canine not as strong as bone and able to endure it or is that just crazy?


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