Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday - day 3 with 7 elastics

Today ... Sunday ... my mouth is feeling heaps better ... my jaw isn't achy, which is a huge relief.

Last night I cleaned before going to bed ... around midnight ... and I've not taken these things out since. It's been 13 hours ... and I'm stoked I've done this long. I've been drinking protein shakes (with loads of yummies added - pureed), so I'm not hungry. Have to admit I'm looking forward to tea time ... as I'll definitely be eating big time. Will make sure I have softish food, as my jaw may not be too keen on chewing ... but will see how it feels at the time.

After the protein shakes, I've been brushing the front of my teeth gently and using a mouthrinse. I've not been off my property, so I'm not concerned about odours at this moment ... but if I sense visitors, I'll be in my bathroom asap!

My ortho said he's only ever done this a few times in the past and only with stubborn patients ... I think he meant patients with stubborn teeth ... and I couldn't laugh properly, as I already had the elastics in when he told me!

He has said I only need to wear elastics numbers 1, 2, 3 and 7 during work hours and when I'm public, and if possible number 4. Then add 5 and 6 (the ones that stretch the furthest) when I don't need to talk to people, or eat.

Last night ... after two days of 19 hours ... here's the pics of share relief!
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stephanie said...

I can't believe you managed to keep them in for that long! Horrible, horrible, horrible. Hope they work and you can get your braces off soon!


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