Monday, 5 April 2010

Monday - Day 4 with 7 elastics

Today was a public holiday ... so I've managed 'good times' again ...

I managed to wear them -
- 4 hours on Thursday
- 19 hours (10 hr, 9 hr) on Friday
- 19 hours (9 hr, 10 hr) on Saturday
- 22 hours (19 hr, 3 hr) on Sunday
- 21 hours - 18 + 3 hours (12 hr, 4 hr, 2 hr) + 3 hr of 4 x elastic wear on Monday

I'm now more comfortable with the elastics in than out. That's something I didn't expect.

When I take the five elastics that run across the front of my bite off, there's not a huge difference in feeling, but when I remove elastic one and seven ... the ones on the sides, my jaw feels lost ... it's a huge 'release of pressure' feeling. Interesting ...

Here's some pics of my mouth with 4 x elastics, what I need to wear when I have to talk, for example when I'm at work.

This is much easier to cope with than the 7 elastics, although I can't eat with them in.
Tomorrow I return to work ... it will be interesting!


Tin Grin said...

Hi Kaz!

Your teeth already look fantastic! How long will you be still in braces? I like the colour of your powerchains, it goes well with the colour of your glasses!

Kiwikaren said...


My treatment was initially for three years, then things didn't work out as planned due to the gap over my impacted canine. That added another two years to my treatment to close the gap and work on the roots to get them in place.

I was hoping that my teeth would be naked this month, but my ortho said there's still a few things left that need doing.

Hopefully before Christmas ... five years has gone quickly, but it's time for this to be over!

Good luck with your treatment!


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