Saturday, 3 April 2010

These Elastics are Horrid!

I managed to wear them -
- 4 hours on Thursday
- 19 hours (10 hr, 9 hr) on Friday
- 19 hours (9 hr, 10 hr) on Saturday

... I'm not counting Thursday ... as that's when I got them, but Friday was a holiday and Saturday's the 'real' weekend ... so both days are short by 3 hours.

I can't work out how I'm going to fit that extra 3 hours in ... plus if I decide to have a life (like go off my property) ... I'm not sure how I'd cope in public with these elastics in, as I can't talk properly, I can't eat and ... whinge, whinge, whinge ...

The frustrating thing is ... I really what my braces off asap ... and this seems like the best way to make this happen. Maybe I need to not work for the next few months ... stay away from friends ... and phones ... and just wear these elastics ... except when I'm eating and cleaning my teeth.
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I'm not sure why I'm doing the cheesy metal grin ... as really I'm not smiling on the inside!

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