Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I'm shocked to find a company in Australia trying to rip people off by so much! :-(

Waterpiks are wonderful for cleaning between your teeth and even more wonderful when you have braces. When I first got braces, there weren't any waterpiks being sold in Australia, and a friend in England gave me one as a gift ... an awesome gift. It was the cordless waterpik Model WP360 and cost about $31 Aussie dollars! This rotten company ... Natdent Pty Ltd are advertising themselves as ... Waterpik Australia - retailer of Waterpik™ brand Oral Irrigators ... and sell this exact same model for $225 Aussie plus $11 postage. I hope that no one in Australia purchases from this company, as this is just sooooooooooooooo wrong!

Recently I purchased a type of waterpik ... battery run, from ebay, from a company called Ozinnovation. This is slightly different to the waterpik, but the battery does give some advantages ... and the cost $35.00.

If you want a waterpik type oral irrigator ... please be careful who you buy it from, as sometimes it's much cheaper to buy from overseas, than to allow yourself to be treated as a fool, by a rip off company!

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