Sunday, 21 December 2008

Hubby still in hospital

It's three week and my hubby's short visit to hospital continues to drag out. The 80+ km a day drive from home to the hospital and the 80+ km a day drive back is starting to take it's toll, but not as much as my need to have him home ... my need to get him out of that place and back to things that are more familiar to him.

The 'talc' mix was put in his lung last week and the tube removed on Friday. His x-rays showed two small areas with fluid/air in them, but the lung doc is happy with how the scaring has worked.

On Friday a doc from the Gastro department arrived and said he wanted my hubby to have an endoscopy done on Monday, as the problems he's having eating and holding food down (soft, minced food) may mean that the tumour has thickened, and he may benefit from having a stent placed in the esophagus. This all sounded scary, but good, but today my hubby's oxygen levels have dropped ... we're not sure why ... it maybe related to the infection he has at the site where the tube went into his lung ... no one seems too sure. But anyway, due to his oxygen levels being low, he may not be able to have the endoscopy done, as the risks would be too high. I'm not sure where this leaves us with regard to his eating ...

I just want to take him home!

Our daughter arrived last Wednesday and it's been great having her for company during the drives to and from the hospital and at home during the short evening, before we fall exhausted into bed. She brought her dog, Charlie (a moodle - maltese x poodle), with her, and Wilson and him are having a great time! Our son arrives on Monday ... and then our family will be together for christmas ... just gotta get hubby out of the hospital!


Maureen said...

We are thinking of you all!!!

It great you have your children home for Christmas!!!

Send you love all our love!!!

Your Aunties send there love too!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Merv. We recently lost a family member to oesophageal cancer, so Merv has a special place in my thoughts just now.

I hope if you go for the stent that works out for him - I know there are risks involved. But there are also benefits over a feeding tube. Hard decisions.


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