Monday, 8 December 2008

Week 170 - Adjustment 23

November 2008

I've been real slack taking photos ... so these are nearly a month late, but hopefully they will record some progress.

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Gap closing over impaced canine
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Open Bite
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The 'openness' of my bite is annoying, but I've been reassured it's part of the 'gets worse before it gets better' stuff.

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laura said...

Your teeth look so nice and even and rounded now - it's just the gap and the open bite right? Did the ortho say what his plan is for fixing it?

I went back to see how your teeth were in the beginning ... they've really changed! Looking really good now! They even look whiter. How did you manage that in braces? I'm sometimes tempted to stick a little tooth bleach on mine, even if it means needing to fix up the parts covered by the brackets later on.


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