Thursday, 5 April 2007

Week 87 - Adjustment 14

4 April 2007

My ortho said there's been some progress on my right side ... fantastic!

He’s concerned about the way my molars are coming together on the left side … the upper arch is out in front of the lower. He considered stopping my left elastic, but then decided it was too important to wear it to keep my bite working towards a class I. Said I’m to continue putting a ¼” elastic on the left, and only replacing it when it’s broken.

He also commented that it’s great to see my back lower molar has closed mostly over the gap, but he needs it to slow, as it’s angling. Therefore to keep the same powerchains as I’ve had for the past two months for another 10 weeks.

My right side … there has been progress … the impacted canine gap has closed a little, therefore he wants me to continue doing what I have … with 1/16” elastics on that side, changing once a day.

He asked if I wanted my upper ligs changed … said I’d like black, as the NZ 7’s rugby team will be in town for Easter. The black ligs look good.

He reminded me again … my treatment is all about elastic wear! He said to come back in 10 weeks. A fast adjustment ... and best of all, with good news!

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