Thursday, 5 July 2007

Week 97 - Adjustment 15

13 June 2007

A good appointment ... starting with the usual, bite, open, bite ... now open and relax your jaw ... now bite again ... while my ortho has his hand on my lower jaw pushing it gently back. This always feels strange, as I only have one contact in my mouth when I have this bite, which is supposedly my correct bite. My ortho says I have a 'premature connection', and not to be concerned ... it will get sorted!

My ortho was pleased to see the progress of my upper 'impacted canine' gap. The gap over my lower 'old' extraction site for a first molar had stopped closing ... the powerchain had come off the hook on the second molar ... oh well ... so much for my skills of observation. It wasn't an issue though, as both gaps need to be closed for the next stage of my treatment to be started.

I asked about IPR ... and my ortho didn't sound too keen. I then said how poppy seeds seem to fit perfectly between my lowers and he said he'd put it on my file for next time! Finally got a new powerchain on my lowers ... after five months of the other one, I was pleased to have it changed. I chose my favourite grape shade again ... unexpected I'm sure! I could feel my lower left second molar ... it was obviously feeling the pull of the powerchain and not so keen to move.

Elastics the same ...

  • 1/4" on the left ... change when break
  • 3/16" on the right ... change daily
  • Wear 23 1/2 hours a day ... remove only to clean.

My ortho reminded me that my class III will not become class I until these gaps are closed ... and this is the order the work needs to be done in. I left with a reminder that at this stage my treatment is all about elastics ... geepers I've had these things for over 10 months now ... let them finish there job ... please ...

Final farewell and a request to see me in three months! Damn ... why couldn't it be six weeks ... or eight or ten ... But he's the professional ... so here's to my gaps being closed before that appointment!

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