Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Week 83 - Adjustment 13

7 March 2007 - It was my 13th adjustment today and it went ok!

My ortho replaced the bracket removed at my 'unexpected 12th adjustment' and that went smoothly ... my upper right canine now has a stainless steel bracket on it ... and it's pokey. My ortho didn't want to do this, but I really didn't mind. I've got to admit these metal things are rough and no where near as comfy as the ceramic brackets, but I'll be used to it in a few hours I'm sure.

I had six purple ligs replaced on my upper arch and my lower arch was not touched.

My ortho is still concerned at the lack of speed in two areas ... the gap closing over my impacted canine ... although he's sure there's been a little progress there (Fantastic), and my bite. We were hoping it would be a class I by now, but my teeth are still meeting biting edge to biting edge.

Elastics ... I'm to continue with the small 3/16" on the right, changing once daily and only removing to clean. On the left I'm to wear the slightly larger 1/4" and to wear it till it breaks. My ortho was concerned about how my bite is coming together at the back on the left side. It appears that my molars and second premolar are flarring.

I've got another appointment in four weeks ... wow ... such a short time!

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