Friday, 9 September 2005

Moving House

I've been unable to get connected due to us having bought a house and then getting organised to move, cleaning etc ... what a nightmare. It was a quick reminder of why we usually move countries or interstate when we move, so that someone else does all the packing and also we've always been fortunate enough to get someone else to pay for the job.

Finally we're in our house, but still experiencing problems with the internet connection. Think I spent around four hours yesterday talking to someone either at our internet provider or telephone faults ... what a waste of time. Now I"m waiting for some new 'filters' to see if they'll fix the problem ... sure hope they do!

Anyway ... here's a couple of pics of our new place ...

The front
Image Hosted by

The back
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1 comment:

Jenny said...

Beautiful. We just bought a new house and move in next week (October 30th) We are excited, but it is overwhelming!


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