Wednesday, 28 September 2005

8 Weeks In ...

My mouth is feeling much better than it was when the lowers were put on two weeks ago. Still have a 'full' feeling, but I've managed to bend both the lower wires that were just poking out and into my cheek, back towards my teeth ... and it was instant relief!

Here's a picture of my mouth at eight weeks. I can see a difference in where my teeth come together. Almost appears like the gap (upper right) has gotten bigger ... but hopefully that's just an illusion. But things have happened as my bite is very different to what it was just two weeks ago!

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Still love those purple ligs!


Amy said...

The braces look great. I expecially like the clear ones. Any idea what that indented hole on the clear ceramic brackets is for?

I noticed alittle discoloring on a couple of your teeth. You a coffee addict like me?

I am looking into getting braces and if I do I am going for the ceramic ones

Kiwikaren said...

I'm a tea (Earl Grey) and Indian Curry addict ... also believe that drinking copicious quantities of red wine is not the best ... but I'm not giving those things up!

I love the coloured ligs on the ceramic braces, so am really happy now that I've gotten rid of the gross clear/tooth coloured ones.

The dents on the brackets help the ortho with positioning ... I think. Also they had a colour on them to start with, and I think that's to assist with what side and which tooth ... alhtough I'm no expert ... so I could be totally wrong!

Amy said...

Thats cool. I want to get Ceramic braces but I am going to have to try to quit smoking before I get them.

Are the clear (Ceramic) ones pretty comfortable?

Kiwikaren said...

I think they are ... I mean I can only compare them to the metal ones on the lowers which are fine also!

How does smoking affect having braces?

Good idea to give up though ... I'm pleased I did ... finally managed to go cold turkey about 17 years ago!

Good luck!

Jenny said...

I wear braces as well and have tried many different colored ligs. Today I was brave and instead of the lavendar I chose TEAL. They look so pretty. My oldest son kept saying, "MOMMY you're teeth have blue things on them. Why'd you do that?"


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