Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Week 6 - Adjustment 1!

Had my first adjustment today, six weeks after getting upper braces ... and I'd thought it would be uneventful, but that wasn't to be the case.

First Dr C asked me to open, bite, open, bite, open, bite etc. He wasn't happy about where my teeth where coming together and then surprised me by telling me he'd be putting the bottom brackets on ... so much for another two months of uppers only ... oh well I guess it means everything is a bit closer to finishing once it's all started ...

That took about 20 minutes and was almost as straight forward as the uppers except for one bracket coming off several times. Then he asked his assistant for clear and silver ligs ... ummmmm ... decided it was time to butt in and said I wanted purple!

Dr C said his adults don't usually go for colours ... well guess what ... this one is going to give them a try. He changed the top five ligs that are on my ceramics but didn't do the others ... which surprised me. Then he put the bottom ligs on and couldn't get one to engage, so said he'd leave that till November and see if any space had been created by then, or else he'd have to help create some! Cool ... here's hoping space will have been created!

The lowers are a little achy ... 10 hours later ... but I'm hoping it will pass quickly and I'll cope with them like I did the uppers.

Here's some pics ... I love the purple ligs!

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Left Right

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