Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lavender Salt Soap

I love using salt in oil to clean my hands and remove dry skin and I was curious to find out how salt soap worked. 

After considerable research, I decided to make a coconut oil soap with a high superfat.  I chose to add 70% table salt and a swirl of colour.  Plus ... the night before, I added colour to some sea salt and let that dry, to add decoration to the top of my soap.

Making the soap was straight forward, but it set quickly and about four hours after putting the salt soap in the moulds I removed it (still warm) to cut it.  The bars didn't cut smoothly, but the salt soaps in the muffin moulds looked great ... note to self ... in future make salt soap in individual moulds, to prevent the need to 'watch' it so closely.



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Dörte said...

Salz und Lavendel....cool!!!!

liebe Grüße


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