Friday, 24 June 2011

Some things should remain secret ...

February 2011

While my kids were visiting from Sydney we cleaned up an area that had a few pieces of timber stacked one on top of the other.

When we removed the last piece of timber ... there was a snake skin ... and ghee it was long!  It was quite scary to realise a snake had been there, as this area is at the bottom of the steps Wilson and I use to get down to my vegie garden ... and we go down and up these steps at least twice a day during the week and more often during weekends.  I wonder how close we got to Mr Snake? ... Did Wilson sense he was there? ... Where is Mr Snake staying for autumn/winter? ... Is it true that snakes are territorial and return to the same area year after year? ... What can I do to make sure we all remain safe when the weather gets warmer ... that includes Mr Snake?

Deep down I have this feeling of ... why didn't this remain a secret ... there are some things I'd rather not know about ... and this is one of those!


Maa said...

Karen, you're lucky you didn't have the real thing there. I have one in my roof at the moment...not nice. Maa.
(Sue from the old NB.)

Dragon (Karen) said...

Sue ... how can you cope knowing Slither is so close? I'd hate to meet this snake ... but I'm guessing he's somewhere close ... resting till the warmer weather. I'd not want him to be hurt ... but I also don't want him near my Wilson ... or me!


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