Saturday, 18 June 2011

Merv's second anniversary - 29 February 2011!

Where has time gone ... it's two years already and yet I seem to remember every detail as if it's still happening.  A couple of the biggest things I've learned is that when a person dies you don't stop loving them ... and when your heart is breaking there is a real physical pain!

I think of Merv with every breath I take ... I miss him more than I thought was possible!

This year we decided to repeat letting the environmental friendly balloons go, with messages written on them for Merv.  We chose colours for special reasons - Blue and  Gold to represent Otago and Taieri.  We lived in Otago on the Taieri plains and Merv played for the Taieri Hockey Club and represented Otago at all levels in hockey and coached both the Taieri Hockey Club and the Otago U21 Mens and Otago Senior Mens hockey teams.  Next we chose black and silver for New Zealand ... for all top sports teams in New Zealand.  Finally I chose purple, as Merv called me his Purple Dragon ... and I loved that name!

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