Saturday, 15 January 2011

Nag Champa Soap

My fifth batch of soap was my first one for 2011. I was keen to get back to soapmaking after having spent a couple of weeks away on holiday ... plus I was keen to try the Nag Champa FO that I bought from Aussie Soap Supplies. Nag Champa is one of my all time favourite incense flavours.

This was the first time I trialled a recipe I 'made up'. I decided on this one, after more research and reading in a few places, that coconut oil should be no more than 20% of the total oils. I know opinions vary on this, but it was worth trying.
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My Nag Champa soap is made of olive oil, rice bran oil and coconut oil. I added 33 gm of Nag Champa FO when the soap mix was 'light trace'. Then I removed about 200 gm and added 8 gm of black oxide (that I'd mixed with a little water) to that. I poured the soap into two silicon moulds, then poured half the 'black soap' down the centre of each. One I mixed it in the top half quite a bit, and the other I barely mixed ... just a few gently swirls.

I covered the moulds with cling and then wrapped them in towels.

24 hours later ... they're still quite soft and I couldn't unmould them due to feeling that my finger would go into the soap. It's hot and humid ... wonder if this is affecting the soaps ability to set.
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48 hours later ... the soap is still soft, but I unmoulded it. I left the blocks sitting for a few hours then cut them. The cutting was a bit messy ... I think due to the soap still being too soft.
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The smell and the look ... I love them both!

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