Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lemon Tea Soap

My seventh batch of soap was my first play using cosmetic colours approved for use with soap. I recently bought some mica from here, they're also used in mineral makeup.

I decided to use two essential oils - Lemon and Tea Tree ... and the smell is divine.

I put three heaped scoops of grape pop mica, lemon pop mica and red oxide into three plastic cups. I mixed the red oxide with a little water to make sure there were no lumps ... and I should have mixed the mica with a little oil ... so have made a note to do that next time. At light trace I added unscented soap to each of these cups and mixed them well. Then poured each one into a sauce bottle.

Next I added the EO to the main soap and stick blended. Here's were things happened quicker than I expected and I let the soap get to thick trace ... instead of pouring in to the mould at medium trace.

I squirted a few lines of the three colours on the base and sides of the moulds and then gently poured the soap in.

The soap was too thick, so when I started to make 'flower' patterns, the lightly traced coloured soap appeared to 'roll' off the bumps on top of the heavy trace soap. At this point I decided to change the plan and to make lines and patterns with the three colours.
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I don't like this looks, but the smell is divine!
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Unmoulded logs
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Bars up close ... still don't like this look ... but am loving the smell!

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Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Wow Kaz they look good enough to eat! Love the colours! :D


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