Friday, 21 January 2011

Lavender Oats Soap

My sixth batch of soap was my first attempt at layers and I got the idea from a soap I'd seen shared by another member of Soap Making Forum.

I decided to use olive oil and coconut oil, lavender essential oil, pale blue clay to colour the bottom layer, oatbran to mix into the top layer and cocoa powder to sprinkle on top of the first layer, before putting the top layer on ... so there'd be an obvious line. I also chose to add some pearl mica to the top of one mould and to sprinkle some oatmeal on the top of the other mould ... just for something different.
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I was careful adding the second layer, by pouring it gently over the back of a spatula, as I'd read this would help prevent the layers mixing. I was so curious during the 'gel' stage ... as I really wanted to see how the layers were working.
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I was thrilled when I took the soap out of the moulds about 24 hours later.

I'd read a hint about cutting layered soap and soap with lines in it. Turn the soap on it's side and to cut the soap across the layers, so that you are less likely to affect the layered look. I'm thrilled with how the bars look.
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I think I prefer the natual look of the oatbran sprinkled on top, although the pearl mica does have a soft glitter in the light.
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The pale blue clay is good for all skin types ... especially mature skin and the oatbran will gently exfoliate the skin.
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I love with how this soap looks!

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Mumsey said...

I do like this one. The properties I look for in a soap for me :)


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