Monday, 25 August 2008

Trip to the Northern Territory

The Ghan On Wednesday we board The Ghan and travel to Alice Springs. We get off the train on Thursday and spend a night in Alice Springs. Then it's a coach ride to Uluru. It's about 400 km to Uluru, but the coach makes a few stops, including one at a camel farm, and about 5 1/2 hours later we'll arrive at Uluru.

We're staying for two nights at Uluru, so we can get some major cultural experiences. On the first night, we're doing the Sounds of Silence experience. Then early the next morning we're doing the Sunrise and Base Walk.

On Saturday a coach will return us the 400 km to Alice Springs, where we stay the night. On the Sunday we will board the next Ghan and travel to Katherine. After a few hours to do some tourist stuff, it's back on the Ghan to Darwin.

We arrive in Darwin on the Tuesday, mid afternoon.

Our kids fly in from Sydney on Wednesday.

On Thursday we hope to go the Mindel Markets.

On Friday Merv is hoping to take the kids Reef Fishing.

Then hopefully on Saturday it will be a ride down the Adelaide River, doing a Jumping Crocodile Cruise.

Late Saturday night, some more friends arrive and Sunday will probably be a rest day with maybe a visit to some markets.

Our kids fly back to Sydney at 1.40 am on Monday morning ... very early, but it means they're back home in time to go to work.

The rest of our time will be spent chilling with friends, visiting markets, eating out and for my hubby to do as much fishing as he can. My hubby and a friend are planning a barramundi fishing adventure on the Daly River. They will have a guide with them, so here's to it being a load of fun.

We haven't bought return tickets, but expect to fly back after about a three week break.


stephanie said...

Looks like a great trip! Hope things are fantastic for you :)

Caitlin said...

I hope you're all enjoying your travels!!

Grace said...

wow!!! what an agenda! I bet your travelogue will be the best!
I'm doing well, started law school, which I am half-hating myself for, and my OD told me last Thurs. that he'll be removing my braces come mid-Oct! So I have another valid reason for flying home for that weekend. But this time, I'm not going to miss any classes...I'm trying to catch up and I'm so nervous about being called on in class that I'm nauseous again and my butt won't grow back w/out nutritional assistance. ;)
Let me know how your travels go, and what's new w/ your orthognatic progress!

Jen said...

I went to Alice Springs last Christmas and it was a little rushed. Your holiday sounds really great and I wish I spent the time planning the trip.
Watch out for the crocodiles.

Katherine said...

Hope your trip is going wonderfully; enjoying the sights and memories with your kids, friends and family.

You've sure got a lot of places to see ~awesome!~ and quite sure you'll enjoy the chance at the end to catch your breath & reflect before making the journey home!

Thank you for sharing the good news of your gap FINALLY starting to gives me hope heehee :)

nabukay said...

Kaz i'm so relieved to read this and see how much postitive time is planned. Please know I do pray for you all the way from Namibia! (Southern African)


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