Monday, 11 August 2008

Planning trip to Darwin

My hubby is feeling good and is eating well ... very important with the type of cancer he has.

So now we're planning our train trip to Darwin, plus organising our kids to fly to Darwin to spend some time with us!

Can't wait to see them both, and as they've not been to Darwin before, I'm sure this will be a fun time for them also.

My hubby is planning to take them fishing and we'll all do the Market thing ...which Darwin is so great at. Plus we'll take them to see the crocodile's jumping ... which is a great trip on the Adelaide River.


ingrid said...

Glad to hear that your hubby is doing well! Have fun in Darwin.

nabukay said...

I'm also glad to hear that he is feeling well. Have a great time with your kids whom I am assuming are not kids.

Kiwikaren said...

Not quite kids ... they're 26 and 24 ... but they'll always be our kids! ;-)


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