Monday, 16 June 2008

Sterling Homes

These people are incredible. We're paying them to build our house and yet they won't discuss anything with us now that the process has started.

I've been chatting to friends who're building with other large companies and it appears they're all the same once they start getting your money. So why don't we stop paying? Wouldn't we love to do that ... but what happens then ... we have a part built house that we've paid way in advance of what's been done ... including the things we didn't want done. To change now would mean loosing thousands ... tens of thousands of dollars ... and I'm guessing Sterling Homes and other builders like that, know they've got us caught between the rock and the hard place ... so they can continue to do what they do and that's build what they want and get paid to do it by someone else!

This is an extremely frustrating experience made worse coz my hubby is a builder by trade. Also due to our house being built next door to our current residence, we get to see what's happening every day. Plus we get to talk to the contractors working on our house and ask them questions. Most of their answers are direct and they don't have any issues telling us things as they see it.

Here's hoping the final product is up to the quality we expect and if we remain disappointed with Sterling Homes like we currently feel, that we can sell the house quickly and move on!

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