Thursday, 19 June 2008

Week 150 - Adjustment 21

I am soooooooo over the gap over my impacted canine!

The damn gap is holding up my progress ... and has been holding up my progress for over two years ... such a long time to be waiting for a gap to close.

I feel sorry for my ortho, as he keeps saying he's sorry that he can't do any more until the gap closes ... and I know this is correct ... but I need progress ... I need things to happen so I really can accept that my treatment will be over before I turn 100!


Kam said...

Hi there! Thank you so much for the nice comment! It's so great to know I've got people supporting me with all this teeth/jaw stuff.

I read your little "About Me" section, my sister loves New Zealand, it's her dream to move there and open up her own architecture firm when one day. :)
Blog with ya' later! Take care!

Anonymous said...

How very awkward that must be since you have to see your ortho when you go to work at his office every day.

Kiwikaren said...

Kam I hope your sister achieves her dream. NZ is a beautiful country and we only left, so my hubby could advance further in his chosen career.

LOL anonymous ... not awkward at all, as work is work. It's necessary to be professional and remember why you're there and what you're being paid to do.

My treatment is discussed when I have my appointments. I guess I could bring the topic up when we have a spare moment ... but they are rare and there's usually more interesting topics to discuss.

Orthodontics blog said...

I'm dojo from archwired ;)

In my case the gap closing will be solved with a mini-implant and mini-mold traction. The mini-implant is a small screw that's gonna get into the bone (under the gums) next wednesday) and the mini-mold (a small plastic like "thinggy" is already on my tooth. These two will have a power chain "tied" and this will pull my molar into place. Otherwise they weren't able to move it this lifetime :)

I wish you all the best. Please keep us posted ;)

Kiwikaren said...

Thanks for that Dojo ... now that sounds like a topic to bring up for discussion! :-)

I'm seriously thinking this gap isn't going to close in my lifetime ... well it surely feels that way.

Here's to your gap closing quickly and easily with the mini implant and mini mold traction!

ns said...

Hi there.

Gaps is the reason why my ortho didnt want to extract any tooth when i started having braces. He said it will take a long time to close the gap and lots of time will be wasted just on closing gaps.

But I guess we all have to pay a price for a beautiful smile. I have also been waiting for 3 months for my lower row to shift. Maybe more months of waiting to come :-(

Anyhow, good luck and have a great holiday.

Kiwikaren said...

NS my gap isn't technically a gap ... there's a tooth there, it's just in hiding ... an impacted canine that won't come down and has to be left behind for fear of nerve damage etc.

My ortho is another of the growing trend, who'll do everything possible to avoid extractions.

No extractions for me ... but still a gap ... a frustrating gap!


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