Sunday, 10 February 2008

Saturday ... Milo and a snake ...

My day started off horribly ... really nasty! I was hanging out some washing and my gorgeous little dog, Milo, was sniffing round in a bark garden. I heard a noise and went to check it out, as I was concerned she had one of our blue tongue lizards, or a lace dragon cornered. But when I looked, I saw a small head, that I knew was not a lizard. The next minute seemed like an eternity. A small brown snake slide between her legs and under some sleepers ... I freaked!

Milo was standing very still and I picked her up and she lay quite still in my arms. I was thinking she'd been bitten, as although she loves cuddles, she's not one to lie still like that. I had a hand on her heart as I tried to stop feeling like panic and do something real.

Next my neighbour rushed out to see me. She was concerned, as she said all the colour had drained from my face and I looked frozen to the spot nursing my little dog. She talked to me for a few minutes and I then put Milo on the ground. She tried to walk, but was unsteady ... and I was about to panic again, when she appeared to come right and bound with energy.

I continued to feel sick for the next few hours, and have been watching Milo closely all day. Fortunately she appears fine!

This is the second time I've lived in Oz, but the first time I've seen a snake outside of a reptile park ... and that includes working in Queensland's Outback for over a year.

Bring on Sunday ... it can only get better!

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