Thursday, 21 September 2006

Week 53 - Adjustment 8

Uppers ... no change
Lowers ... upgraded archwire and new purple ligs

Plus ... class III elastics to start work on my bite.

The elastics go from my upper second molars to my lower canine and are to be worn 24 hours a day! Sh*t ... I thought there would be some time off ... but nope ... my ortho said I was to wear them to eat, drink, dance, party etc! Think I must have told my ortho more than I'd planned to about my life ... He did add I could have them out to clean ... but that was all! He then added that I only needed to change them if they broke or once a day!

Then he gave me my first bag ... and I was already wondering will it be Tom, Tony, Charlie, George, Fred or ... ... ... well guess who I got ... Green! Damn and blast ... my elastics are known by the colour of their bag ... joy oh joy ... it's really not going to be so easy to develop a relationship with Green, like I thought I might with Charlie or Tom ... but thems the breaks!

They're one of the larger diameter elastics ... 5/16" (7.9 mm) ... and I'm already grateful for that ... as they are annoying the inside of my mouth, just by where my lips meet ... and they do feel tight!

I'm pleased I've continued with the salt rinses every morning ... and I'm going to increase them for a few days just to make sure I survive my early days with Green!

My ortho said my uppers had to be put on hold for at least another six weeks, as my bite needs work before my uppers can progress. Frustrating, but he's the boss and I trust him. Next appointment he's planning to put a loopchain (powerchain) on my lowers ... which I'm looking forward to, as that will close the gap that's reopened since I had the brackets added at my 7th adjustment!

Ok ... I'm off to spend some quality time with Green ... and hopefully we can work out that I'm the boss!

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