Saturday, 5 August 2006

Week 52 - 12 Months - 1 year

It's one year!

Totally can't believe it, coz I really don't feel like I've had these things on my teeth for 12 months ... but my diary tells the tale ... the tale of how I waited over two decades for fear of ... well I really don't know ... but something I now know was totally unfounded!

How long have I got left? I've no idea ... I never felt the need to ask how long my treatment would be, and I suspect I won't be asking until I feel it's getting near time. I know it'll be over when my treatment is finished ... until then ... well I'll keep taking photos and posting them on here! I was told I could take two years to pay my account off ... but whether than really means much, I've no idea!

Here's a collage of my journey so far!

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Anonymous said...

i left an earlier comment before. your teeth are coming along so beautifully! It’s amazing how braces can change your life in such a small, but dramatic way. the collage of your journey says it all. the changes are truly unbelievable! i only wish i had kept an ortho journey myself!

i have now since taken my braces off. your confidence will sky-rocket =) well worth the nights of super floss and curries before changing the bands hehe


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